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Robert Downey Jr reveals his Favorite Iron Man costume.

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Which your favorite Iron Man Costume?
RDJ: The one you haven’t seen yet. You know I love and I’m particular to Mark 1 and Mark 42.

You and Pepper Potts were thinking of settling down before Thanos ruined it. If you were to name your kids what are some names you are considering?

RDJ: Well, if we have triplets I guess we’ll have to call them Marks I, II and III.

Sir, could you please share some fun stories from the ‘Avengers : Endgame’ Wrap party?

RDJ: Right, well I have no memory of it so must have been pretty good. I got to tell you honestly, we made both Infinity War and Endgame, we basically shot them back to back and it was the most time that the most Avengers and Guardians and everyone was spending most time together. Endgame really represents the culmination of probably the time in our lives that we have been the closest.

RDJ showers his love to Indian Fans

RDJ: You guys are just amazing fans. I can’t wait. I cannot believe I haven’t been to INDIA. I’m coming there so damn soon.

Mr. Stark, you invited Wong to your wedding. Do you think you will consider India as a wedding destination? If so where?

RDJ: Wow, right. I got to probably check it out first, I have got to come down there and do some scouting. You mean I should renew my vows to my Mrs or something like that.

Robert Downey Jr reveals what Indian Engineers can do to apply for an internship at Stark Industries.

RDJ: Well, this was not a fan event.. It was a recruiting event for Stark Industries. You guys will be receiving a high-security clearance positions.”

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