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Movie Review “PHOTOGRAPH” : It’s a slow pace, isolated story of two contrasting personalities.

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Everything about Batra’s new film, Photograph, is cinematic, starting from the name of one its two main characters. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, a small-time photographer at Gateway of India, is called Rafi. Later on, when he and a young woman he has befriended would go and watch a movie. Siddiqui’s Rafi meets Sanya Malhotra’s Miloni while going about his work at Gateway. He persuades her to get a picture clicked, saying that every time she’ll look at it, she’d be reminded of the sun caressing her face and the wind stroking her hair. His wordplay, which paints a vivid imagery, convinces Miloni to get the picture taken but she leaves without paying. Rafi doesn’t know her name. So when he hears the song, Noorie, from the 1979-hit, Noorie, he names her that in a letter to his grandmother, who has gone off medicines and wouldn’t gulp a single medicine until Rafi finds himself a bride. Rafi being least interested in getting married as he is absolutely dedicated towards paying off his dad’s debts. He cooks up a story about Noorie being his lover and persuades Miloni, who he meets again, to participate in the deception. In Photograph, Rafi and Miloni are two people far removed from one another’s realities. She’s a Chartered Accountancy topper from a relatively well-to-do Gujarati family, he’s a migrant worker who lives in a rickety room that he shares with four others. She’s from a conservative Hindu family, he a Muslim. She’s conventionally pretty and fair, a skin colour that’s still considered aspirational in India. He’s dark.
Batra’s Photograph is a longing with no grip and a distorted story line. The climax is very critical and confusing. One can hardly makeup to the end. The film is particularly about the audience who are highly interested in art films. The isolation story with a depressing background score is not recommended for the audience who have interest in entertainment films.
Talking about the performances, Siddiqui has given his fine efforts. Won’t say that its his one of the best performances till date but its not bad as well. Talking about Sanya Malhotra and keeping her recent projects into consideration, she could have done far better than what she did. She is playing the role of a typical Gujarat girl who is a topper and an aspiring CA student. Her role is flat with not such great dynamics.
Overall the film is average with not so interesting plot and a very slow motion, which makes people lose interest in the film. The film is quite dark and typically made for art film lovers. For one to understand the climax, he has to watch the film with all interest and concentration, which is quite a difficult job.
Filmcity World gives 2 stars to the film.

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