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Interview : Abhimanyu Dasani talks about “Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota.”

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Q. How did your journey in the film fraternity began?
Abhimanyu: So initially I gave several auditions for several movies. I have a great passion towards acting and I was desperate to be an actor. I was selected to do few films but eventually I only dropped them as I wasn’t confident enough to do any of them. Lately I met Vasan Bala sir, I literally waited for 3 days for the auditions and post auditions, I waited for several weeks before getting selected. I spent an absolutely delightful time with him and he pumped me up with confidence and dedication. Then I decided to star in his directorial, “Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota.” I did this film simply to spend time with him. I was glad to hear the story. He is such an magnificent person and a phenomenal director. Lately I lost some weight, I was extremely fat in my teenage.

Q. Since you’re from filmy background, was acting everything you wanted to do from the start? How much your mom inspired you towards it?
Abhimanyu: I was least interested towards acting. I was initially inspired by my Hindi teacher in 7th class towards acting. Unfortunately she’s not there to watch my first film. Then I started with small startups like I imported sweet corns, dealt with scrap metal etc. My first odd job was event management, I formed a small group and we used to organize club events. Sooner I realized that my mind is very fluctuating, I quickly swap between industries. All I wanted to do is something creative and what is more creative than filmmaking. And thats how I landed up doing films.

Q. What are your other interests other than acting?
Abhimanyu: I’m very keen towards sports. I was state level Football player under 18 and National level Handball player. I was the first person to introduce turf in Mumbai. As i said I was extremely fat, so I decided to lose weight in my early 18s. And while playing sports I realized one thing that the quaters provided to new comers are not at all lively. I stayed in an under construction building once. We were provided a single loaf of bread, a dozen of eggs and banana which was also on first come first sever basis. So the condition of sports sector is not very good currently, so I want to contribute my share towards sports sector in the near future.

Q. Why didn’t your father launched you? What was his reaction when he saw the amount of recognition the film has received?
Abhimanyu: My parents didn’t want me to enter the industry. They know the amount of struggle one has to put to survive in this industry. Since I was passionated I did it myself. When the trailer launched in torktino at 04 in the morning, it organically went viral without any media event. Thats when every one from the industry called my father and expressed their appreciation. That’s when my father felt proud of me. My mom saw my film in MAMI festival, it received standing ovation there as well. She came out and started crying, she said something then which I still didn’t understand.

Q. So before the launch of the trailer, everyone recognized you as Bhagyashree’s son, now they know you by the person you are so how’s the feeling?
Abhimanyu: I never understood it, why don’t people call me as the first actor in history to receive a standing ovation of 1200 people on international platform. Well I never believed that I’m that qualified to be known as the son of Bhagyashree the actress though I’m extremely proud and blessed to be her son.

Q. What was your reaction when you received the standing ovation of such a huge crowd that too outside India?
Abhimanyu: Its a very interesting story. We reached torktino. We were informed that out film is been played, I was initially fine considering that the size of auditorium will be smaller. But things never happen your way, the auditorium was as large as of occupancy of 1200 people. Its exactly when my confidence was broken into pieces. I anyhow convinced myself and reached the premier the same night. I got out of an Uber and walked towards the entrance. I was restricted to enter by a security guard. He didn’t realize that I was the lead of the film. I entered when none knew me and I exited with a standing ovation of 1200 people. Moreover than myself, I was happy for Vasan sir, he has poured his heart and soul to it. Its completely his baby.

Q. How was the experience working with Radhika Madan?
Abhimanyu: There’s another interesting story to it. While auditioning process, after I was selected, I was shown the pictures of several aspiring actresses. One amongst them was Radhika. So initially I was shown her picture in a saree, and my first reaction was ‘Aunty.’ Since I was a new comer I can’t complain. Then the other day I actually saw her and was satisfied. It was great working with her, she is so experienced and professional in her job. Just because of her I had to give my double efforts. And this is the first Bollywood film in the history in which all the stunts are performed by the lead actors without any body doubles, wires or safety measures. You can feel the impact in the climax scene of the film.

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