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‘Prabhuji’ manages to call the audiences for a fun bout of ‘High Jack’

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Anurag Saikia is a well known Music Director and Composer and has captured the hearts of his audience with some beautiful work like ‘ _Bas Ek Baar’_ featuring Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh. Very recently the sequel to the former song ‘ _Ajnabee_ ‘ was released and that too set the song trending towards popularity.

When asked about his recent work with Akarsh Khurana, the director of the upcoming comedy movie ‘High Jack’, Anurag’s first reaction was a chuckle! The track composed by Anurag is called “Prabhuji” and it is a quirky Bhajan song in the movie which certainly manages to lift our hearts up even more inspite of the movie being a comedy.

Anurag says, that when he was first approached to compose a Bhajan song, he was utterly surprised. He feels that songs like the bhajans are made with connectivity towards lord almighty and when he was right there thinking about how to go about the challenge, when a bigger surprise was given to him. ‘Prabhuji’ was to be a combination of elements touching souls with a twist of retro electronic music and super fun lyrics. And trust me, the result is enthralling. The song completely blends with the theme and situation of the movie and was a must to the music craving ears of our audiences.

This was something different than what Anurag has always excelled in and he has done a marvellous job. May he keep giving us such lovely music for a long time now.

‘High Jack’ is slated for release on the 18th of May, 2018. Be ready for a bumpy ride!

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